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I Want to Make a Donation Today

Gift Catalog

I want to provide a gift from the catalog today.

Your MAMATOTO gift today will have a great impact and help support the lives of girls, women, and families.

Please choose your gifts today!

Nurse listening to pregnant stomach

Gifts that Teach


Midwives save lives

Woman with bike

Gifts that Move


Bikes bring health home

Woman holding baby

Gifts that Shelter


New maternity houses

Baby being cared for

Gifts that Deliver


Delivery kit supplies


Gifts that Empower


Sex education for girls

Girl holding books

Gifts that Educate for Life

$20 to $350

New youth centers

Doctors taking care of a patient during operation

Gifts that Dignify

$25 to $650

Fistula surgery

baby with comforting hands on it

Gifts that Help


Where need is urgent

Gifts that Mobilize


Vaccine Access

Gifts That Provide WASH


Clean Water

Gifts that Provide WASH