Transforming Health from Within

With global headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya, Amref Health Africa has been African-led since our founding in 1957.

Amref Health Africa has received highly-regarded international awards for our innovation, expertise, and ability to make lasting change, including: The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Award for Global Health; and the Hilton Humanitarian Award.

Our Vision

Lasting health change in Africa

Our Mission

To increase sustainable health access to communities in Africa through solutions in human resources for health, health service delivery, and investments in health.

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Our Core Values

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Our Code of Conduct

In keeping with our vision of lasting health change in Africa and values of integrity, quality and Ubuntu, Amref Health Africa is committed to maintaining the highest degree of ethical conduct amongst all its Board of Director members, Advisory Council members, staff, and associated personnel (interns, volunteers, consultants, suppliers, and contractors).

The code of conduct lays out Amref Health Africa’s expectations and guiding principles for appropriate workplace behaviour.

Amref Health Africa in Canada

Amref Health Africa in Canada provides program oversight and management, raises funds and
engages Canadians on African health issues. In Canada, Amref Health Africa is led by an Executive Director and governed by a volunteer Board of Directors composed of diverse Canadians who oversee and ensure due diligence in financial performance, management and growth.